Fermented Garlic Paste

Local organically-grown garlic ground to a paste and naturally fermented with sea salt, resulting in a mellow, complex paste that's excellent for spreading, marinating, or just adding a touch of garlic to anything, anytime. The flavor of our fermented garlic paste is in between a raw garlic and a roasted garlic. It tastes great raw in sauces, dressings and marinades. It can also be used as a substitute for fresh garlic when cooking or making stir fries. Keep it in your fridge and next time you need to chop some garlic, just reach for a jar of this tasty magic!

Price: $125.00 / Gallon Jar

Ingredients: garlic, sea salt

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Supporting Local Organic Farms

Our Fermented Garlic Paste is made with ingredients sourced from the following local organic farmers/producers: