Remembrance Farm Trumansburg, NY

Remembrance Farm is one of the dozens of local organic farms that Small World Food buys our ingredients from. A core part of Small World's mission is supporting local organic farmers, which not only helps to keep these farms viable but also ensures that our customer will enjoy some of the most delicious food available.


Nathaniel and Emily Thompson and several employees


100 acres

Farm History

Through fastidious attention to the details of production, we have developed a reputation for consistency and high quality in the crops we grow. From the beginning, we chose to specialize in a select few cash crops in order to have the time and attention to grow them well. The name, Remembrance Farm, serves as a constant reminder of the inner desires and aims that initially drew us to farming. We wish to lead a life in which the outer conditions of life support and nurture our inner search for self-knowledge. We hope that the efforts of that search, as they are made real through our work on the farm, enliven the food we produce in a deeper way. Such food will, we hope, support both the physical and spiritual health of our customers as they too seek meaning in this life we share.

Farm Practices

Certified Biodynamic by Demeter USA.


Certified Organic by Stellar Certification Services

What Small World uses from Remembrance Farm