Kriemhild Dairy Hamilton, NY

Kriemhild Dairy is one of the dozens of local organic farms that Small World Food buys our ingredients from. A core part of Small World's mission is supporting local organic farmers, which not only helps to keep these farms viable but also ensures that our customer will enjoy some of the most delicious food available.


Bruce Rivington, Nancy Rivington, Lindsey Jakubowski, some seasonal part time help


730 acres of pasture and woodland for grazing and 830 acres used for hay production for feed in the winter.

Farm Practices

The herd is primarily Jersey and Ayrshire based, mixed in with Holstein, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Milking Shorthorn, Charlois, Linebacker, Dutch, Simmental, Normandy, Hereford, Angus. They are rotated to a new area every 12 hours. They are dry from Christmas through March and freshened in the spring. No herbicides used on the farm. The cows' diet is primarily grass and hay but does include a small amount of local non-GMO barley.

What Small World uses from Kriemhild Dairy