Growing Family Farm Parma, NY

Growing Family Farm is one of the dozens of local organic farms that Small World Food buys our ingredients from. A core part of Small World's mission is supporting local organic farmers, which not only helps to keep these farms viable but also ensures that our customer will enjoy some of the most delicious food available.


Paul Loomis

Farm Practices

Flowed Land Permaculture is a farm collective based on a forest flood plain. The soil is rich and well-drained offering a variety of wild harvested edible and medicinal plants. The model of the farm is based on nature’s path, working with the layout of the land rather than against it. We are a low-input farm that focuses on no waste. We utilize the interface between animals and plants for both soil building and pest management. We grow a variety of plant species from around the world, utilizing different microclimates to push the limits of our biodiversity. Our surplus products include eggs from a diversified cage-free flock. We use a deep litter system of organic matter for winter time composting and allow access to pasture in the warmer months. The chickens are also used in and around the gardens and orchards for pest control; in return, the chickens have access to fruit and veggie drops. In addition to the chickens for pest management we have incorporated perennial flower beds and herbs to attract beneficial insects. In our quest to maintain a healthy forest we’ve had to remove select trees. In order to give the trees new life and a partner in their decomposition, we grow gourmet and medical mushrooms. We are currently growing shiitake, oyster, and wine cap mushrooms in a completely natural forest environment. In addition to eggs, mushrooms and our homestead harvest we are also involved with a small scale aquaponics greenhouse and a heritage turkey breeding program.

What Small World uses from Growing Family Farm