Cayuga Pure Organics Brooktondale, NY

Cayuga Pure Organics is one of the dozens of local organic farms that Small World Food buys our ingredients from. A core part of Small World's mission is supporting local organic farmers, which not only helps to keep these farms viable but also ensures that our customer will enjoy some of the most delicious food available.


Erick Smith. some employees involved in fieldwork and distribution


600 acres

Farm History

Erick grew up on a Michigan dairy, and even as a child he knew he wanted to farm, but during the era of “get big or get out,” he couldn’t see his future in big dairy. In a detour from his farming dreams, Erick headed for academia, becaming a professor of mathematics education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and receiving an MA in agricultural economics at Cornell. Erick purchased 135 acres outside Ithaca in 1976, where he started a u-pick strawberry farm and began to investigate the possibilities of organic farming—a radical idea at the time. Since then, the farm has become a place where a new generation of farmers can practice “alternative agriculture” and find a practical education in the myriad skills required for good farming. For Erick, this kind of education is all part of the bigger agricultural project: it’s more than just beans, it’s about strengthening the community, nurturing a new crop of farmers, restoring social patterns and bonds that have been damaged by decades of industrialization and misguided farm policy.


Certified Organic by Global Organic Alliance

What Small World uses from Cayuga Pure Organics