As a worker-owned cooperative, our business is owned and run by the people who work here. Our efforts are our investment in the success of our local community. We are always looking to expand the collective and invite potential new members to come visit us and learn more about how we are all working to make Small World Food the best place to work and create!



Lizz deSimone

Involved since: August 2016
Worker-owner since: January 2018

I was born & raised in Northern New Jersey, educated as a printmaker in Southern New York, taught art to high schoolers in Northeastern New Jersey, and finally made my way to Rochester to pursue the greatest things in life: bread & art. When I'm not baking bread, I'm usually found talking to people about bread, eating bread, reading about bread, daydreaming about bread, or maybe making art (ie: drawing pictures of bread) or snuggling with my Rottweilers (who also love bread.)


Alivia Ruiz

Involved since: September 2017

I'm originally from Buffalo, and came to Rochester in 2007 to attend RIT for Medical Illustration. My awareness of the importance of sustainable alternatives to current food systems, and my interest in food security has grown over the years after graduating in 2011, which has led me to this internship opportunity with Small World Food! I'm excited to learn, to experience, and to incorporate my illustration and graphic design background to help educate others about the wonders of our local farms, food, and products that we make here at Small World. When I'm not working, you can find me singing, writing music, making art, hiking, and straw bale gardening when the weather is appropriate.


Shawn Quail

Involved since: October 2016
Worker-Owner since: January 2018


Ali Lawrence

Involved since October 2017

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