Black Bean & Raisin Bread

Black Bean & Raisin Bread

One of our earliest loaves, the Black Bean & Raisin Bread is familiar to many long-term Small World fans.  Dark, dense, soft, and moist, this is a savory loaf with a hint of sweetness. 

This bread is delicious but tough to get to come out just right.  In 2008, we started milling our own flour using wheat from local organic farmers.  Because the local wheat was so different than the Midwest-grown wheat we had been using, it took us a few years to really become comfortable with the new flour.  As our local farmers have learned more about growing grains and we've learned more about milling and baking with them, we've gradually been bringing back breads and adding new ones.  This bread is next on our list to start baking again.  (Thanks to Gerry Szymanski for the photograph!)

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